Romantic music for those who believe

A piano and a wonderful thought... whether painful or beautiful, that is all it takes...

In my role as the singer of the fairytale metal band Xiphea, I am surrounded by a lot of power, volume, speed. I love the energy of metal music, the sound distorted guitars and the trembling rhythm of the double bass. But then there is Jecki, my very first piano. She likes the soft tones, soulful ballads and she is very melancholic. 

I love to play on her and experience where we are musically driven. I´m not the best pianist in the world but I believe a piano has a soul and I just let myself go when I play… until a song finds me. So magical when that happens! For a long time I only played these songs to myself. But two years ago I shared one with the world… it had to be shared. It was meant to be a reminder of someone special who was gone, so sudden, so young. 

Since then I have been wonderfully encouraged to keep releasing my music. And I´m glad I decided to start a solo project. This is my FairyHeart.

“This project is the realization of a little dream. My music comes from the heart and I wish to find other hearts to touch. Maybe it can touch yours?”

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